Computer Repair for the Greater New Orleans area

KLF Computers handles onsite repairs, installations, and custom builds for home & office.

Our Computer Services

We are a computer repair company servicing the greater New Orleans area. We handle onsite repairs, installations and custom builds for home and office.

Onsite Repairs/Networking

Remote Repair


Custom Builds


KLF Computers is here to help.

Your time is valuable and computer problems can waste a significant amount of time and can disrupt your productivity. The services KLF Computers provides can be such a lifesaver during these times! Our technicians specialize in basic computer updates, repair services, and networking focusing on both business and residential. We will carefully troubleshoot your problem and explain the issues in great detail before working on the repair. Gain peace of mind with KLF Computers’ first-class on-site repair and networking services.

KLF Computers Promise

At KLF Computers, we pride ourselves in having a knowledgeable and friendly staff that put customer satisfaction first.

Computer Experts

If you’re looking for talented and hard-working professionals who can assist you with everything from data recovery and software troubleshooting to new computer setup and virus removal, we can accommodate you without a problem. People who want to get rid of potentially harmful software can always depend on our team. People who need speedy and efficient data recovery can always rely on our crew as well. Our data recovery service can give you peace of mind. KLF Computers offers first-class on-site repair and networking service.

Something for everyone

Tech Work

$ 90
per hour
On Location

Remote Work

$ 45
per hour

Device Pick-Up

$ 50
per hour